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Did you know that for your property in St. Louis, gutter cleaning can actually prevent basement flooding? It’s something that surprises most homeowners when we tell them, but it’s a key reason a house is designed the way it is.

While obviously we’re professionals when it comes to tools, equipment, and cleaning techniques, it doesn’t stop there. We’re also enthusiasts of design, architecture, and all things regarding your home.

Your house is like a symphony, with every individual piece having a purpose, all coming together to make a masterpiece of design. Let’s talk about the importance of gutters and why they’re so vital.

Your Roof Structure

Your roof was specifically designed to keep water OUT OF YOUR HOME. It typically does the job pretty well. The materials are water-resistant and the sloped or slotted designs help pools from collecting.

No matter how lightly the rain is sprinkling, your roof has a large surface area which means it’s catching a lot of rain. That rain has to go somewhere and – in the days before gutters – it just fell straight down.

Where Does The Rain Go?

Rain falling off your roof creates a powerful surge that repeatedly slams down into the ground next to your foundation. To see the effects of water on land all you have to do is look at the banks of any river in the world. There are no strong edges and very little structural integrity in natural riverbeds. It requires man-made engineering to interfere with water’s natural destructive properties.

It can also be dangerous to your yard and neighborhood. The uncontrolled path of water is completely unpredictable. Without knowing where the water will end up you might end up with sinkholes, waterlogged plant life, and a dying lawn. So what can be done?

This is actually what makes gutters important. Rather than allowing the stormwater to collect and degrade your foundation, it neatly collects your water and channels it.

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Gutters Provide Diversion and Ease

The gutters help in two important ways. The first way is by easing the fall of the water. A rooftop gutter system will ease the fall of the water so instead of jackhammering down into the soil, the descent is much gentler.

The second way it helps is by diverting the flow in a clear path away from the home. The stream is broken up, spread out, and directed away from your house’s foundation.

Now that your gutter has grabbed control of the rainfalls flow, it can be directed away from vulnerable areas and towards water control systems and reservoirs. The last thing you want is excess water weight in a nearby retaining wall.

Any blockage in the gutter system interrupts these essential functions and it’s what makes gutter cleaning St. Louis homes especially important.

When Gutters Go Wrong

Now that you know how important gutters are for your home, gutter clean should make a lot more sense. It’s not just about convenience but the health of your home, lawn, and neighborhood in general.

How Gutters Get Dirty

Gutters don’t make up a huge surface area, so you might be asking yourself how they get dirty to begin with. Well, the main culprit is vegetation. Falling leaves, pine needles, acorns, seedpods, and other windblown debris are likely to make their way into your gutters. They don’t need to fall into your gutters directly but remember that anything that lands on your rooftop will eventually follow the flow of rainfall wherever it may lead.

Problems With Clogged Gutters

When your gutters become clogged, the flow of water through the downspout is obstructed. So what happens to all this water? It collects in the gutter, building up.

The best-case scenario for clogged gutters is a simple overflow. The water will cascade right over the top of the gutter just like it would if you didn’t have one installed at all. The waterfalls down and pounds into the ground around your foundation. A far worse issue is the weight of all this water causing your gutters to rip off of your house. Now you have multiple issues to deal with.

Basement Flooding

A great number of homes in St. Louis have a basement, whether it be for practicality, living space, or storage. If your house has one, you know that flooding can be particularly nasty business. Avoid the possibilities of leaks or flooding in your basement with our affordable rain gutter clean out services.

Mold and Mildew

Gutter cleaning in the greater St. Louis area is more important than in other areas. Because we sit along the Mississippi, the air is far more moist than some of the more arid climates of the region. Things just don’t dry as fast as they should.

When you have leaves and pods and pine needles soaking every time it rains, you’re opening the door to all sorts of additional moisture-born problems. Mold and mildew will start growing in your gutters.

It might not seem bad until you realize this spreads to your roof which spreads to other parts of the home being badly damaged. You don’t need a lung full of spores every time you leave the house.

Even More Problems

There’s a lot more to consider. Pests and rodents like to make a dirty set of gutters into their home which can become an issue. Ice can build-up in the winter which is something important to watch out for. There are almost too many concerns to list, which is why we can’t stress enough how important a gutter cleaning team can be to the health of your home.

We’re the St. Louis Gutter Cleaning Pros

When it comes to getting your gutters cleaned, St. Louis has many fine options. However, something we can guarantee with absolute certainty is the quality of our work. We’re experts who know what the problems are, why they occurred, and how to handle them.

In addition to cleaning your gutters and flushing your downspouts, we also revitalize the exteriors. After a thorough exterior wash, they will look as good as they now operate. Get the best gutter clean out service St. Louis has to offer today!

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