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St. Louis House Washing 101

For a good number of homeowners in or around St. Louis, house washing isn’t something they’re familiar with. They know it’s important and they enjoy having a clean house, however, the specifics of actually accomplishing it might not be readily available.

To one property owner in St. Louis,  house washing might consist of hosing down the siding of the house, while another might envision taking a pail and kitchen sponge to the walls.

Perhaps like them, you’re also unsure of where to start or you have a few questions. Will the soaps damage the paint? Are detergents safe for the yard? You want a beautiful house but might need a little help getting here.

Everything You Need To Know About House Washing In St. Louis

Luckily you’re not expected to know everything as the homeowner. Your job is to own the home. It’s the job of experts to take care of the little details. Well, we’re the experts in house washing St. Louis has been looking for!

In the following sections, we’re going to explain to you the techniques we’d use if you were to hire us. By doing so, you’ll be completely informed on the process and the language involved.

The first thing you need to know is that every house is different. Even houses of the same design and materials are different, and they all have very different considerations when it comes time to wash them. We would first need to decide whether your house needs a “soft wash” or a regular “pressure wash.” For the safety of our customer’s homes we only apply soft washing techniques. We’ll explain the differences in the sections to come and why you should avoid companies that would pressure wash your house.

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Why Pressure Washing Is Great

When you “pressure wash” a house, you’re using specialized equipment capable of shooting water fairly hard. The nozzle of the pressure washer shoots the water in a very tight area, causing incredibly high pressures.

Because it’s a constant stream of water that can be shot at a medium distance, it allows for relatively fast cleaning of a flat surface. Much faster than trying to accomplish the same thing with a sponge or a regular hose.

The high pressure has a few additional uses, such as cleaning out the cracks of a fence, or deck, or planking. Without pressure washing, you’d have to get on your hands and knees to manually clean these areas with a chisel or screwdriver.

Why Pressure Washing Is Also Bad

Pressure washing is incredibly great at stripping your walls of dirt, mold, algae, moss, and other fungi. It will literally blast off of the house all of the grime… But in most cases this will also cause damage to your home. As with any revolutionary method of cleaning, there can be drawbacks.

For instance, wood isn’t typically graded to withstand such high pressures (it’s why we don’t find trees at the bottom of waterfalls). As such, when a pressure washer hits the wood, there’s the possibility of wood splintering. If you’re not trained (or if you lack adequate experience), then there’s a good chance you’ll accidentally damage something. When it comes to pressure washing your siding, not only is it likely to leave streaks all over your wooden or vinyl siding but you can also cause irreparable damage.

Our Solution To Dangerous Pressure Washing = Soft Washing

Soft Washing Pros

Our answer to dangerous pressure washing is utilizing soft washing! A soft wash is a different technique that uses the same basic equipment. The pressure washer nozzle is swapped for something that sprays a much wider area. Because the water is no longer concentrated in a small spot, the pressure is greatly reduced.

When this new nozzle is combined with the operator paying close attention to the pressure throttle, you get to what we call the “goldilocks” zone. That’s not too hard and not too soft. The surfaces get clean, but there’s no damage.

Because the pressure is lower than a full-on pressure wash, we need to compensate with a little something extra. That’s why when house washing St. Louis homes we might use the helping hand of a nice eco-friendly soap. We utilize powerful cleaning detergents to pre-treat your brick, wood, vinyl and hardy wood siding to get the best results.

Soft Washing Cons

Not every detergent will work on every material. Choosing the wrong material can have the exact opposite effect of what you’re looking for. You might end up with cloudy surfaces that look worse than they did when you started.

Or you tried your hand at soft washing yourself but didnt have the professional cleaning detergents needed to remove all of the issues that were residing on your home.

Your home may be suffering from algae, rust, oxidation, lichen or moss and knowing which cleaning detergents to use will determine if you properly clean your home and do so without damaging your siding with harmful chemicles.

This is why we always advise to let a professional handle the job. We can do the job much, at an affordable rate and without any hiccups.

Heated Water Pros

When doing a pressure wash OR a soft wash, we might opt to use heated water instead of cold water. It’s very useful for things like algae or rust. Hot water changes the chemical composition of stains which allows it to be lifted more effectively.

The reason for this is because hot water has molecules that move around faster, leading it to clean much more effectively than cold water. This is a lesson you might have learned while doing laundry.

Heated Water Cons

Also just like you learned from laundry – hot water isn’t right for every situation. It does clean better – but the side effects might be something you want to avoid. 

Wood expands when it comes into contact with hot water, so the age of your house might not be ideal for hot water usage. Additionally, hot water is better at stripping paint, stains, and other protectants. It’s always important to cater to your technique to the situation, just like we do. Using super heated can also entail using equipment that should be handled by trained professionals.

Benefits Of Our House Washing

There’s not just one reason for house washing St. Louis properties. It’s important to your property’s longevity, property value, and even your health!

Did you know that more than one study showed that how washing raised curb appeal so much that it lead to significantly higher closing when the property was for sale?

Additionally, regular house washings (of siding, decks, fences, roofs) are linked to a higher general lifespan of the property because it removes unwanted algae, fungi, and lichen. These pesky nuisances can retain water leading to premature wood rot.

Finally, the removal of these also prevent them from constantly releasing spores into the air which is a great benefit for your health.

No matter the reason you choose, it’s never a bad idea to get your St. Louis house washing quote ASAP!

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