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St. Louis Roof Cleaning

Did you know that for your property in St. Louis, roof cleaning can actually SAVE you money?

You might not see it this way at first, but your roof is arguably the most important part of your house. Yet, if you were to strike up a conversation with a home inspector, they’d tell you that it’s the most overlooked – and most neglected – area of any home.

It really is a shame because it’s so simple to take care of. Did you know that through the simple act of roof washing, St. Louis homes can look better, reduce air conditioning AND heating costs, and prevent long-term structural damage that leads to expensive water damage? This strange and unique combination of factors really does lead to an overall net savings. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

The Big Problem with Roofs in St. Louis

Twelve years before America signed the Declaration of Independence, this area of Missouri (and Illinois) was settled by French fur traders. Building along the Mississippi River made trading furs a lot easier for the early settlers, but it’s also the primary reason for your roof problems today.

Particularly in St. Louis, roof washing is severely needed because of all the excess moisture in the air. It starts from the Mississippi and radiates for miles in every direction. Of particular note are algae, lichen, moss, and fungus. These organisms wreak havoc on your roof!

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Dangers Of Algae, Lichen, Moss, Fungus

Heart disease is considered the ‘silent killer’ in humans, while algae really are the ‘silent killer’ for homes. These lifeforms growing in your home are always invisible at first. Over time it builds up so slowly you probably don’t realize your roof has begun changing color… and then it’s rampant and too late.

These lifeforms thrive on moisture and are a problem for every homeowner to some extent. They are the main perpetrators behind any and all water damage.

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Water Damage From Dirty Roofs

The reason your roof exists isn’t about keeping bugs or birds out. It’s not about protection from the sun or temperature control. These are all nice benefits but the real reason we don’t have open-air homes is to keep out the rain.

Water is an absolute destroyer of homes and roofs were specifically designed to effectively handle rain and moisture. That’s why algae, moss and the like are so dangerous for your roof. They RETAIN WATER and they EAT AWAY at your roof.

This means instead of rain simply rolling off of your roof, it clings to the lifeforms. Prolonged exposure to water causes erosion of any material over time. You can thank the Mississippi for keeping the air moist enough to prevent quick evaporation that might save you. Eventually, your roof starts to ROT AWAY and it opens your home up to a whole host of other problems.

Shingles & Roof Repair Issues

Shingles are a blessing and a burden at the same time. They were specifically designed to allow water to roll off your home where your gutters divert the stream. Great right? Unfortunately, shingles come with a few drawbacks.

Although the design is popular along the Mississippi, it’s also riddled with problems. In over 80% of cases, shingled roofs will develop substantial problems. One of these problems is the previously stated lifeforms: algae, lichen, moss, and fungus. Shingles actually accelerate their growth.

This is all due to the materials used. In order for roofing companies to save money, they figured out a way to offer the same benefits from cheaper materials. Modern shingles have wood chips and limestone as filler. While this still allows water to flow off of your house, it is also exactly what mold and lichens USE AS FOOD!

So the end result is not only slight water damage but a life form that is actually eating into your roof. Once they breach the surface, it’s easier than ever for water to ENTER your house where it opens up the possibility for much more dangerous and deadly mold to grow.

REY'S Roof Cleaning Solution

Because it’s what we specialize in, we know quite a lot about St. Louis roof cleaning. By getting your roof cleaned, you’re preemptively hitting the problem at its source. Algae and mold don’t have a chance to grow, which means water never rots your house, which means you don’t have to deal with so many problems, especially the fear of spending tens of thouands of dollars replacing your roof! There are also some really amazing side benefits to getting your St. Louis roof washing done ASAP. 

Additional Benefits From Roof Cleaning

The type of mold that grows on your roof isn’t DEADLY or DANGEROUS. However, it isn’t harmless either. Mold and fungi release spores into the air. For them it’s part of the reproductive cycle, for you it’s a nuisance. These spores are inhaled and cause sneezing, itching, dry eyes, and other allergic reactions. For the elderly, pregnant women, or children the effects are greatly exaggerated. For anybody with lung issues or increased sensitivity to these spores, it can cause some respiratory distress. When you clean your roof all these problems go away because the mold just isn’t there to release the spores! A wonderful hidden benefit of a cleaner roof and a clean home.

Dirty Roofs Increase Electrical Bills

As we mentioned before, lichens can easily breach your roof if they go unchecked. Well, a breached roof is a roof that does a poor job of insulating heat. In the colder winter months, this means higher energy bills. However, a dirty roof can also actually increase your air conditioning costs during the summer as well!

A dirty roof is generally darker than a clean roof. Instead of reflecting the sun, dark colors absorb the sun’s energy. (This is the same reason why on especially hot days you can boil an egg on the dark roads). Due to all the extra heat absorption, your house gets hotter and takes more effort to keep cool. All of this results in higher air conditioning bills during the summer.

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The Roof Cleaning St. Louis Needs!

We can honestly go on and on about roofs and roof cleaning St. Louis homes. We’re passionate about it because it’s our life’s work. We will completely clean your roof leaving behind no streaks of algae, lichen and moss. We will also guarantee your roof cleaning for three whole years!

Now that you know a bit more about our world, we’d like to learn a little bit more about you. We’d love to help protect your home (while saving you money) so reach out to us for a free quote today. We can’t wait to protect and beautify your home.

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